What does SEER ( Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio ) stand for?

This is a measure of equipment energy effeciency over the cooling season. It represents the total cooling of a central air conditioner or heat pump ( in BTU ) during the normal cooling season as compared to the total electric energy input ( in watt-hours ) consumed during the same period.

How often should maintenance be performed on Air Conditioning Systems?

You should have a professional tune up on your system at the beginning of each cooling season. Be sure to check filters as well.

What size Air Conditiioning system or Furnace do I need?

For the best possible results, you should always get an in-home evaluation. Due to many factors, your heating and cooling needs will vary. For example, the age and size of your home, the type of insulation and windows, and ductwork all determine the unit size you will need. After a complete evaluation and computer analysis, we will know what size equipment is right for your home.

Is it OK to over-size my Air Conditioning System?

No. Over-sizing your air conditioning system would limit the systems ability to remove moisture from the home. Your house will drop temperature quickly, but will be damp. The leading cause of discomfort during the summer months is NOT the heat, its the humidity!!!

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